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You’ve probably heard about the Latin Kings or Hell’s Angels (American gangs) or the Japanese version called Yakuza. These are all gangs. Their members have certain ink (tattoos) that represent their gangs to make it easy for them to recognise each other.

Others use fancy handshakes as another way of identifying other members. And so when you join a gang you are initiated , and that initiation varies from being beaten up to killing someone in order for you to become a part of their ‘family’.

However there is another gang that requires nothing more than your belief. A gang that don’t require fancy handshakes or brutal force. A gang where you don’t have to brand your flesh because the heart is all that counts. When one decides to allow the Holy spirit into their life, they can enjoy clean free fun that will not leave you with a terrible hangover, fun that will not land u in prison. And just like in street cred terms Game recognises game; in Christians its Spirit recognises Spirit.