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In this day and age where busy schedules are the order of the day, it is imperative to take time to take care of your body and your mind.

The mind, which is somewhere in the brain, is a very complex area, as you can imagine. But there is a simple way of relaxing the mind; it is something we often take for granted. I’m talking about BREATHING. Yes the seemingly easy process of taking in and letting out air.

My advice,,,,
In the morning after you awaken before you dress up, you make time to either lay back or sit up and try to clear your mind. Imagine a still pond of water or a stream, or a meadow and concentrate on that. Draw calmness from your chosen scenario. Allow the peace of inaction and inactivity of the mind to ground you.

Breathing in,,,,
When you breathe in visualize the red blood cells as they transport the oxygen to everywhere in your body. I see them as red smurfs carrying little backpacks filled to the brim with bubbles of oxygen. Get intimate with the way your body feels.

As you visualize this process allow yourself to acknowledge that you are a truly beautiful, intricate and delicate yet sophisticated creation. Your intricacy, like handmade Italian lace, makes you unique and complicated. Yes, you are complicated and that means it takes a lot of careful thought and consideration to deal with you. You deserve that someone actually thinks before making utterances. That you ought to be treated with the utmost respect for you are special!

And now your day is just about ready to begin,,,,