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Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it.’  Rabindranath Tagore

This guide has come from a place of deep thoughtfulness. After a great deal of pondering , self searching and a glass of wine. OK, here we go,,

Revolutionary Resolutions!

Until now , I believed that I am by far the worst resolutionary ever in the history of people who make resolutions. Easily sidetracked and swept away by unnecessary hype I am. This time I am doing it right! Doing it right starts with thinking and realising the goals that need to be realised and accomplished in the year and years to come. I have come to grasp that what and how I do in this year will pave way for the years to come.

*Write them down , it makes it hard for you to forget, keeps you accountable. Better yet , share them with someone so that the two of you can keep each other on track.

*Make sure the resolutions are challenging but attainable and realistic. Unrealistic goals drain and leave you feeling depressed and unaccomplished.

*Any and every goal should be yours specifically. You can never get away with imposing another’s goals on your life,,,,, gurrl you is setting yourself up to fail, dismally dare I say.

Madame Minister of Finance

There is no better time to escape the confines of debt like now. It’s time to sit up, take notice and keep track of every dime. Learn the true meaning of need juxtaposed to that of want. Look, I have always refused to be frigid in my budgeting but perhaps it is time to get a better handle on my impulses.

*Try and use cash as much as possible, it keeps you reality checked on how much is really coming out of your coffers.

*Hire-purchase is not your friend, the goods might be in your possession but they are not yours. Save up, it saves you on the interest.

*This tip I got from Suzy Ormon, keep cash on you and every time you buy pay with the notes. Put the coins aside so that at the end of the month take your stash of coins and deposit them into your bank account as your monthly saving.

Keep your loved ones closest

Gone are the days of keeping my enemies closer than my friends , ain’t got no time for nun-o-that. It is high time I hung my scheming and plotting boots and concentrate on the people that make me feel all warm and fuzzy. It is the season to invest in, mend and heal broken relationships.

*Dare to reach out where and when you need to. It is a show of strength!

*When love comes knocking

The world is full of endless possibilities, as vast as the sky

The world is full of endless possibilities, as vast as the sky

, this time I shall not hold back. I am All in, this girl is going for the high stakes

*I’m all about family this year and remember kids,,,,,, blood is the least that makes us family.


I know all the cool kids are appalled right now like, ” OMG!!!! that is so 2014!” Oh well!I said it, now get over it!  It is the perfect time to grab opportunities as they come. God knows the world is full of opportunities if we dare  venture out of our comfort zone every now and again.Because I only live once, I need to take care of this vessel of mine in order to get the most out of it. Taking care and nourishing this body of mine is imperative

*Eat right!!! Oh ,,, and drink lotsa water.

*Exercise, keep in good shape. One never knows when one might need to run for one’s life

*meditate. Take time to heal from hurts , physical and emotional. Pray , dont neglect your soul.